Friday, 13 February 2015

Making a menu for the console in C# [Part 2]

Issues using the menu

If you have used the source code from part one of "Making a menu for the console" you may have encountered some issues when you have too many items to display, this could be fixed by only displaying a small section of the array at one time, but the program I made this for would never encounter an array longer than five items long so I decided to work on the more complex parts of it instead.

Just be cautious if you plan on using the source I provided in part 1.

 Uses of the menu

I have a few uses of this method, and they have all been in my programming semester one coursework. I would recommend making a class library that includes all methods related to user input validation so that you are able to include some of these useful methods within other programs easily.


I tend to ask the user "yes" or "no" questions a lot which I originally asked them to type "y" or "n" into the program which works but this could confuse some users. So I made a quick method that allows me to give the choice in a menu format. The method returns true if the user selected yes and false is the user selects no.
public static bool YesNo() {
    if (Menu(new string[2] { "Yes""No" }) == 0) {
        return true;
    } else {
        return false;
An example of when I have used this system in my programs is for when I want to ask the user if they want to quit, which would be wrote like this.
bool quit = false;
while (!quit) {
    //Do the program stuff here
    Console.WriteLine("Do you want to quit?");
    quit = YesNo();
As you can see this is very easy to apply to other situations.

Very simple file browser

For my programming coursework we had to make a game, for some reason I thought it would be a good idea to make this game in the console. If you want to see how that went go [Here]. For extra credits I decided to implement a way to save and load the game which involved making a file browser in the console but didn't require anything too drastic.
Here is what I came up with. (you can even see where I added some more menus within the game)

[View on youtube]

To the joy of past me this was insanely easy to implement, in fact it can be done in only three lines, all I had to do was grab all the file names out of the save file directory then feed them into the menu method finally I loaded the file that the user selected.
//Get the files in the save directory 
if (Directory.Exists(@"saves\")) {
    filePaths = Directory.GetFiles(@"saves\""*.tcr");
UserInput.Header("Pick a save file");
//this makes the menu that prints out the available files, and it assigns the selected file to fileSelected
fileSelected = filePaths[UserInput.Menu(filePaths)];
The Directory.GetFiles() method just so happens to return as a string array which is just what we need. Obviously you need to add some tests to handle situations such as having no files within the save directory, this is simply a cut down version of the code.
All you would have to do now would be opening a stream reader with fileSelected and do all your relevant file loading.


I'm sure I am not the first person to do something like this, and I wont be the last, but this menu method managed to save a ton of time with input validations and I would recommend making your own version if you are starting out with programming like me.

I will probably make some more Blog posts discussing parts of how I stumble through my programming, and they definitely will be more complex than a console menu method.


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