Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Archery Instructor Course

A little while ago I purchased myself a fancy new bow, which I am currently in the long process of tuning. As such I haven't been able to do anything amazing with it yet.

In the mean time I have procrastinated from revising for my exams by paying to do more exams, which is the archery GB instructor course. This course ran over three days and included one written test and one practical test in which I hosted a lesson to two beginner archers (who were actually more accomplished archers than me).

I instructed my beginners on how to do bare-bow archery which I haven't done in almost a year now, so I'm glad I had a day to get back into the swing of things, by the end of the weekend I was able to get bullseye on all three arrows (admittedly at only the beginner distance of 10 metres).

The final outcome of the course was that I passed, which means I will be working for the archery team next year to help with the new members of the team during the very busy period of the university open days.


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