Sunday, 5 April 2015

New bow equipment

I haven't been able to post anything about my programming recently due to the fact that all my programming is currently going on my coursework, which I don't feel comfortable posting until everyone has submitted their work.

But to bridge the gap I'm going to make a post about a new hobby of mine. I've been doing archery since I moved to my university which is about 6-8 months now and I have been relegated to the only left-handed club bow they have, which has a few issues that I won't go into. At least it's red which makes the arrows go faster.

After getting my riser (winact vt) from Clickers archery, who kindly gave me £40 off for reasons unknown, I decided to get myself to Aardvark Archery which is near Leeds to find myself a good stabiliser system. One thing led to another and now I have most of the stuff for my bow.

Anyway here are a few photos of my bow, I have gone for a mostly black and silver bow because I am a filthy poser.

I haven't properly strung it in these photos because I don't have a stringer yet and I'm too scared to string it without one.

I really like how the Winact-VT looks in matt black, it was defiantly worth the wait for it to be imported (the shop didn't have left handed matt black in stock).

If you are thinking about getting your own bow I seriously recommend going into a shop to get one as the staff are so much more helpful than some video online, and they set up all your equipment for you.

If you are interested in anything in the photo here is a big list:
  • Riser - (Winact-VT)
  • Limbs - (SF Elite glass foam)
  • Pressure Button - (Shibuya DX)
  • Stabiliser - (Decut Crown)
  • Stand - (Cartel RX10)
  • Rest - (Hoyt Super Rest) Cut off the temporary pressure button if you use the shibuya with it)
  • Clicker - (Beiter Black Blade)
  • Sight - (Decut 120)
  • String - (Made in aardvark)
  • BackPack - (Legend Streamline)


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