Sunday, 24 May 2015

Neual Outdoors and The effect of a new bow

How much does a new bow affect a score? Well it turns out to be much better than I had expected.

A few weeks ago the Hull Archery Club managed to compete in the NEUAL Outdoor Championships, unfortunately we only managed to scrape a team together for Novice as most of the experienced members were busy with final year projects and their thesis but we gave it our best shot (pun not intended).

This competition was not only my first outdoors competition but my first time shooting my new bow at a competition, I was apprehensive at first as some of the distances we shot were distances that I have never even seen before but I managed to get my sights in eventually and ended the day with two medals. The first Medal was for the Novice team which we got a silver in, the team consisted of Daniel Sugden, David Bewley and Me. The second medal was for Novice archer which I got silver in, I'm really glad I managed to get this medal because before this competition I was never on the top scorers list for Hull but now I've managed to pull my weight and help the team get some silverware.

If you want to see the final scores you can get all of them [here]

Here are my medals proudly attached to my quiver, for some reason I doubt they are made out of silver.

Now I want to see how much I have improved due to the few months of practice I have had with my own bow compared to the club bow I used to shoot with. So I decided to do some metrics (numbers not archery metrics, I actually did two Portsmouths).

I've taken two score sheets to find out exactly how many points money can buy in archery, I know it's not a huge sample size but it's the best I've got on hand right now. The first sample is from the Neual 2014/2015 indoor championship (which is my personal best score for competition archery, and it is with a club bow), The second sample is what I just shot outside (with my new bow).

The difference is quite good, I've managed to smash my personal best buy 117 points going from 384 out of 600 to 501 out of 600. It still leaves a lot of room for improvement which is something I want to do over the summer holidays before I resume competing for the university team but hopefully I can get a competitive score for the experienced league.

Now for the graphs.
Here are the two Portsmouth rounds side to side.
and now you can see the differences in how well I scored with these pie charts. The first one is with the club bow.
This is with my club bow

This is with my new bow
As you can see I've managed to get a lot better but still have some room to improve. If you would like to see the rest of the graphs (and who wouldn't) you can find them [here].


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